Eclipse, it sounded so fascinating when I was young. I remember the first time I heard of it. There was going to be a solar eclipse black out and it was all over the news so when I asked my parents what was it all about, they explained it by saying that the sun would be covered by the moon for a few hours and that it would be dark like the night during the day-time itself. They also mentioned the probability of storms as we lived near a coast and that magnetic forces can bring about changes in the water tides etc etc.

I was advised not to go out and not to look at the sun directly even by mistake. We have so many rituals and a few superstitions linked with eclipses, so my parents told me about them and they just went over my head. To give you an idea, one superstition is that every prepared food item and stored potable water, that has “suffered” the eclipse, should be changed or thrown, but not consumed. I would link it with the perceived/assumed changes in the cosmic rays or something. I do not really know!

Anyway, after all that detail and more information, I had painted a scary picture of a day as dark as night with BAD thunder storms. In reality it was a bummer, it was really just like a black out and every news channel covered the same story. The only interesting thing I found out from the news was that people were actually looking at the sky/sun and seeing the eclipse live using some kind of special glasses or lenses.

Talk about questioning your very knowledge! On one hand you are told not to go out and in some other part of the world people are enjoying looking at the eclipse. But ours is not the only country with such beliefs there have been many civilisations, specially the earliest ones who saw celestial events as messages from the heavens. Yes, science has its explanations and so do the astronomical/cosmic/astrological excerpts. Two interesting sides to the same coin.