Cakey Reflections

I love cakes, desserts for that matter and there is nothing more to say about it. But get this amazing thought I just had. Cake to birthdays to ageing to introspection to reflections, I came to this question. What if we were not able to see our own reflection? We would not know what we look like and would imagine our looks on the basis of what others tell us.

Had I not seen my self ever, in the physical sense, in a reflection, would I have ever become aware of my physical attributes; the special and the not so special, the beautiful and the ugly?

But then is all that not relative? What is “more” beautiful or more “ugly”? What standards do we compare to and who sets these standards? When I can see millions of people, but I can not see my self will I be able to rate my self, let alone care about it. No, I will not know what I look like, which is the most basic thing to be able compare to others, to have the knowledge of what I possess.

It seems so strange that even though I am not looking at myself each moment of the day, I would look at others and become aware of my physical short comings because, I compare their “body” to mine. Just the body! Comparison with an unclear, muddy, (cakey) reflection of me.

I am as I think and I behave as I feel and those qualities summed up together make me the person that I am. This person that I do not see but know very well is nobody else but me. I spend all my time with him and yet I let my reflection, the one I look at momentarily, be the very definition of me. I let it become the only definition of me.

Unfortunately some let other’s perspective of them affect them profoundly, but they need to know that just like I have seen my real self, the person that I AM in front of those who matter, the exact image of my thoughts and behaviour, not just some reflection, but much more, makes it easy for me to be very confident in my own skin (It is process) but will work for you too.

They can call you tall, or short, or fat, or skinny, or anything but know that they are just a mirror, that no matter how hard it tries, it can never see what is the beauty inside. Mirrors were made to only show a reflection not a personality.

Actually, mirror mirror on the wall you have been wrong all along. After all “fairest of all” is the one with the kindest heart.