You know when you are feeling it, but do not really have the strength to do it, you would still go for it because, well, you are feeling it. And then again you would be so in to the moment and full of energy, but not feeling it and you would give up and give away perhaps one of the best things or experiences in the world. It is kind of hilarious how one person’s amazing might not even be on another person’s to-do list.

It is all about the bling these days. What shines might not be gold but everybody would at least have a look at it if not go for it. What shines, sells. What is heard, spreads. What is seen, believed and what is to choose, is chosen. The choices now, they are based on the zing. I never choose unless I am all about it. That is zing!

Lets talk about this very zing dying each moment a little inconvenience crosses my life. I mean it has become such a pattern I suppose or is it that life indeed has taken a complete new form and structure these days. Honestly it is both, a change in life style and the life that I lived as a kid was surrounded by like-minded people. Sadly, not the same anymore.

As a millennial, all I got during my student life was lots and lots of comfort and as obvious it is growing up requires you to step out of that comfort – be it four walls of your school surrounded by friends or the four walls of your home surrounded by the best people in the world. And one day you are done, done with being a kid and you are on your own in this massive globe, on a tiny country in a small city with humongous population and people that come from all walks of life.

On one hand there are jerks all over the world and sometimes they come in flocks – no doubt in that the only way is to run away from them, while on the other hand you have just people. Random people, strangers, normal… going about life just like you and me. But the biggest difference here is that, you are alone and no one of your age group accompanies you in this part of the journey. Your friends are going through the same and you come to realise how young and sometimes naive you are in this social/professional world. Naive by being real, by being pure, by being plain innocent.

As far as my personal experience goes for some strange reason I never felt as much of generation gap between me and my parents or even grand parents as much as with people who are not even 10 years older to me. Talking about them I have met a few who are not able to let go of the child in them and they seemed pretentiously childish and those who have accepted their age were sort of too strict with their notions thus disregarding every and anything that young ones have to say or do. Not generalising just sharing!

It is but life’s stage and in this phase where you are the young one, the new one, is seriously a point that might lead to loss of zing because it makes you wonder is that what you are headed to? Becoming indifferent? First stuck with the child in you and then having to act your age.

I feel we lose it, we lose it in its very essence, the zing is gone because you see and learn that innocence will be taken advantage of and soon you too would be fake and lame like some people I have come across. Not that every one is fake but who is being real anymore? It is hard to figure out. And it is does not make one cool by laughing off every matter.

It won’t be such a charade if we just acted and said what we really wanted to instead of what is age appropriate and what satisfies the ego. It steals away all the zing in name of the bling.

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