So not rad!

Whoever made this slang were definitely cool. One random thought on being radical is that, how radical are we?

I for one am losing my fire for this so called living, or should I call it, phasing through unaware. Does that make sense?  Yeah, my existential crisis is not so rad.

What? Why? How? When? Why? And again why? I mean, if as a human I am of free will, should I not break all of my mind-made shackles and simply be more than I am right now? But responsibilities can hold one down. Like what responsibilities could I have?

I do not have many, but one responsibility of finding my purpose.

I know I am going deep. And is it even going to be worth it? I do not know but the heart wants what it wants. I need to find myself first. I do not feel like I am lost, lost is when you do not know anything. I feel as if I have seen enough and heard enough to repeat the history again. Why and for what?

Why did Shakespeare ever write about the stages of life? He generalised with such astuteness that I find the cyclical nature of it very unappealing.

It is funny how for every thing these days I have one question – why? If you say lets hang out I will probably be up for that but if you say work on something then why? What does any thing of the ordinary amount to? Why do smaller things when you could be saving animals, feeding the hungry or helping people in distress.

I am sort of being a dreamer, I guess. Just a phase?

There is more to life than just being glued to computer screens and in today’s world people who want more tend to feel caged. Explains the number of people that has risen significantly talk about backpackers, students taking gap years, people seeking peace via spirituality or getting high on other things.

I am actually afraid of being stuck in a rut that will not allow me to fulfill my purpose. Is it a common feeling?

I assume it is because at the core of it we all know the fact that we have created such a structured life that, we do not really experience life instead we phase through it like a programmed robot. Too much predictability, too much of system, the same old same old!

Being bored is common but what about not finding anything “normal/ordinary” interesting. I am turning in to an adventure junkie. Or the very fact that, “nothing is impossible” has been badly etched in my blotting paper of a brain.

I think it is good to feel this way unless it causes depression because, it is natural – wanting to break free. No animal (including humans) was made to be caged. But the walls put you off even my flame is only a flicker.

Oh, I need a radical change because I am like that piece of puzzle looking for its perfect place – the only place I fit. It is much closer than we know. And that is rad!