Slog away

I was slogging away.

slog away.

Don’t want to anymore.

But have to do it anyway.


The harder I try,

The higher I reach.

When I lose,

I fall too deep.


Rolling, tumbling down,

Like leaf falling off a tree.

Two bruises that you can see.

Many more, only I can feel.


Stronger I become,

As further I go.

Wounds leave more than scars.

That I got to know.


Spreading the light,

Lying deep inside?

The strength gets crushed.

With each passing disgust.


The one who yields.

Eventually gives in.

The one who goes on.

Slogs away being the one.


Oh man it sounds lonely. It actually is, strangely, a pattern that I have observed. You know where the good seems to suffer in silence and bad is partying day in and day out. The one’s who understand more are the one’s who are the least understood. Sad Reality!