Amidst an ocean of people,

I walked alone.

Memories of your hands,

Holding me down.

For stars were so close,

Within our reach.

But you stopped,

Before every leap.

Your doubts were signs,

My confusions your strength.

Your insatiable heart..

Made you to go to those lengths.

Left me with broken pieces,

And dust on my being.

Scars of your love,

That ran in too deep.


Amidst an ocean of people.

I still walk alone.

With memories of you…

Fading in to the blue.

Have been running away,

Away from hurt.

Away from myself,

Hiding a fragile heart.

Stumbled into someone,

She did not question.

Quietly accepted…

A torn person.

No compromise. No games.

I could not believe,

But, broken she fixed.

Now, I am released.