Smile together.

Put it all aside; the differences, the times and circumstances, and see how we all are together. We always have been! Looking at the bigger picture, the history of human evolution or even this universe and our tiny Earth for that matter, everything reached a point where it was all so perfect and one day boom it was the end of it all. Not in a bad way though.

For each new chapter, the old book was always closed. Not only you and me but everything and everyone is part of a bigger plan and as the trend suggests the past has to pass through it all, even the worst of times (present) just to get to a better place (future). It is not really guaranteed though.

It is sad in a way to think that to reach the top of the mountain we shall climb it with the risk of falling down and when diving deep the risk of never finding the way out hangs on our head. But this never stopped some from climbing higher or diving deep even when they fell or never made it back. At least they made it in to the history.

The belief that struggle is one’s personal stems from another belief that no two people can have the same life. While the matter of fact is indeed that, no two individuals have the same life, the dissimilarities are in way we perceive situations or just in the scenarios, but not in what they trigger.

Do not count your problems. Count the emotions they create. Do you feel things differently than the rest of the population? How can you when there is only a handful of emotions that can be triggered be it any encounter – a new challenge or an upheaval or a simple change.

The circumstances may differ but our feelings do not. I am either sad or happy or just neutral and that is no different than what other’s feel. We all try, together we try, together we take the ride yet we like to suffer alone.

We all learn the material, we all learn our selves, we all learn our short comings, we all face problems, we all perceive them differently, we all respond differently, no one is right or wrong but one loses and another wins. At the end, we all strive against it.

What can make it really easy is simplicity. When in doubt, choose your heart. When in fear, do it anyway. When nothing seems to work out, let go. When it all falls down? Try! Just be clear of one thing, there is no right or wrong, no winner or loser. If it makes you smile and keeps the fire going – it is perfect!

Complications are nothing more but of our own making. Smile, together.