Repeating prompts already? Meh!

My kind of twist… Passion in Hindi is called Junoon. The word itself can be said passionately haha. Words are mere sounds with meanings and we made entire languages out of them. It is both a mind boggling fact and a realisation so use your sounds wisely and with passion.

Laziness is something I love because it allows me to stay in bed all day, do nothing, be a home-buddy, and just sloth around the house. It is in our very blood to be comfort loving and getting used to it. But on the other hand once I am well rested and bored with being at ease the natural tendency of a human to look for variety makes me crave some action.

Actions that are personal that are carried out in one’s own time and space. These could also be social – done with the aim of feeling connected and belonging to something or someone. These could also be small or big actions.

And finally the actions that we want to be defined with. My action, my repercussion for my satisfaction. Now that is most important because that is how I know if I am fulfilling my purpose. So be it personal, professional or any other facet of this life every action is just an ordinary one unless its driven by passion of which we derive the satisfaction.

Junoon is known to drive people crazy. They do call passionate people crazy. After all what is crazy is definitely out of the box. Who wants the ordinary anyway? Variety is the spice of life and passion the director.

I am looking for what drives me. It takes a lot of retrospection to find that one thing. And it is a tiring process more like trying of my patience but I am looking forward to it showing me the way. Seems like a good motivation. Believe me the shift in perception and choices happens so quickly in this phase that I am expecting to be called crazy sooner or later. Haha.

But hey it is not my fault that I have to find a place where my heart finally says, “yes this is what I have been waiting for all this time”. Got to take the ride! Anyhow, it won’t be called a journey if it had no halts.