You expect, I give my all.

You ask, I lend.

You request, I hand over.

One day this might end.

Giving is for givers.

Receiving for those who ask.

How are you a lover,

If your love doesn’t last?

It comes to fruition,

Each deed done by heart.

Which did not bloom,

Is nothing but a farce.

You won’t expect, I will  still deliver.

Do not ask,  I will still lend.

You won’t request, I will be the giver.

For my generosity is inbred.

And that is how you know which one is conditional and which one is not! Which is a deed done from the heart and who’s putting on an act. Everything that we create, we experience it first and if we do not like to give, we might as well not expect anything from others.

To save the hurt better not expect at all. Unconditional does work on both sides but begins with the one who’s giving. Be careful, it requires one to be generous, selfless even… Ready for that?