Circumstances? They are not good or bad. Opportunities? They are not pleasant or unpleasant. People? They are not right or wrong. Specially, when talking about circumstantial opportunities that bring or take people away from our lives.

I did make up a complex term only to simplify its meaning and I have a very logical reason behind this simplification that is, we tend to over complicate things. Yes, we do. We all love drama. Accept it or not we have gone from experiencing life first hand to over analyzing every event. Like, co-relating to what has already been done than actually trying it out once again. Life is not science, oh wait, life is a science but living is an experience. There is no right or wrong method.

Who is to be blamed for this habit of opening pages from history to compare their methods to ours each time a problem shows up?

Lets go back to a couple of decades, the world was not yet a global village (if it was, then go back a little further to when it wasn’t). Anyway, so back then every hero was a local hero, every success story a local story, every failure a lesson for the people who knew the one who failed. Fast forward to now and you will see that this has changed. Daily so many stories of local heroes and local failures become a global news.

We hear about them so often that in a way we are becoming too aware of what could go wrong.

Anyone reaching a step ahead than the rest of the world is the new best. Which is okay, but as I see, it adds to pressure knowing that I am know no where near the “world’s best”. It is both very motivating yet demotivating because everyone strives to be better than this “best”. 

We get entangled in the facade of it all – trying to be the top notch, the best, the greatest and what not!

Competition is good, but with whom? The elite? or Yourself? Do we even care about that anymore, do we focus on being our best version everyday? When I tried I drifted, slowly and steadily so, towards the ongoing competition. And every failure which was supposed to be a learning/lesson became a game of finding out what went wrong. And I blamed The circumstantial opportunities that did not bring the right kind of people with them.

What ever happened to making your own stories? Learning from others’ mistake does not mean you can not make the same ones in your own life time. It is simply does not. It is likely that what worked for some one in the past is not going to work for you.

Rapunzel broke free using her hair does not imply one should start blaming their hair for not being long enough when they wan to break free. Just trying to get my point across. We shan’t focus on her hair or the tool used by her but the lesson which is the one and only, ever so famous, how much do you want it and not how many times have A, B or Z already tried and failed using that method!

Right time, right opportunity, right people! These will never come together. If one keeps waiting for them to knock on their door it is only ending in disappointment. I agree, sometimes and that is after playing our part, we have to be patient for the universe to make its move, we have to wait for other people to play their roles, for right opportunities to knock on the door, for the circumstances to be perfect.

Even then just know that they will rarely, if ever, show up together. Even if they did will you have your tools at the ready?

Life is not a method it is a blend of hit-and-miss – of individuals and for individuals.