The going can be tough.

Been treading on this path.

To reach my right spot.

I might have fallen down.

But I did carry on.


One after the other.

Have seen it all uncover.

At times a little tougher.

Other times smoother.


Took caution when should have.

Let it loose when could have.

Smiles faked, a few risks taken.

Didn’t let the doubt slip in.


Can I always be that strong?

’cause it did go wrong.

Fear crept in anyway.

Left me shaken for days.


Shouldn’t have worn,

My heart on my sleeves.

Goodness is in,

The very nature of me.


What’s the use? The good suffers too.

Or am I wrong in my ways.

Should I listen to what they say?

But the voices inside won’t go away.


Could have given in,

Could have made the din.

But I did not. Not for others.

Even when I felt smothered.


And there was a breakthrough…

Hope is not always with you.

With no shoulders to cry on.

To conquer, one must tread on.


And in all the after math.

I am happy I did not lose myself.

If nothing else I have me.

What else would I need?


Not so strong, not so bold.

Neither can I break a heart or more.

No loud noises, no shouting from me.

But I will prevail and they will see.