Roots and leaves.

He walked past everyone

With his faded undercut.

And a little fragrance on,

Like the autumn leaves.


He turned heads for good.

Being a little too clean.

Quite suave this dude.

Like someone out of a dream.


They said, “he came from money”

He carried a bright smile.

Pretty bright, always sunny.

“He must not be too wild”


Those shades did a good job.

Hid his eyes so well.

No one could ever see.

No one could ever tell.


A few did look inside.

Found a deep-seated hurt instead.

Oddly, he was much more.

More than what others read.


No one knew the scars,

Wore full sleeves under the sun.

The writings of his past unread.

The ones he hid under the cuffs.


He took it to himself.

To stand out and not to follow,

Had to pay the price.

For being different and not shallow.


Oh life, the peaceful ones…

“Why do you make them suffer?”

The bullies enjoying…

Like it is no big matter.


He learnt to put on an act.

Resilience as his only strength.

And solace his only friend.

Learnt to live what he though was meant.


Silence became his only way,

Of keep everything at bay.

Drew eyes to where one won’t see.

The shame he carried deep within.


Like a soldier, his feet on the ground.

Pain hidden, shoulders burdened.

Like a tree, showing leaves that survived.

Firmly rooted, only branches wounded


I am in poem mood these days. Probably the Autumn is getting to me. Although, the weather really needs to act like it is October.

Anyway this poem goes out to any one who had to go through any kind of bullying experience. I won’t say I was severely affected but it did get a little scary. Mine was just a brief episode of name-calling and the unnecessary attention that I drew being the new kid in School. But the daily news bring a story or two that are very bad.

I for one learnt that, it is important to keep smiling and be strong because things and people do turn around. But this might not always be the case sometimes it can be dangerous and serious, if it is brutal or like getting out of hands always ask for help. Self harm is no way to deal with the pain. Pain does not cut pain, love does.

Helping hands are always there, we just choose to ignore them over trivial reasons like embarrassment etc. Be the soldier, but if you need an army do not be afraid to gather yours. And when past will be in the past you will actually find present to be very lovely.