Kindness with no limits.

I have realised that, sometimes I do not even voice my words. I can speak good when I see it and choose ignore the not so good parts about a personality. I think that is called being understanding. At times I fee perhaps I am too kind, too forgiving, too approachable, too easy on others.

I am sure many can relate to this, when they are in a confusing situation because of some moron, wondering if it is appropriate to say anything or wait for the right circumstances. When is it your rightful place to express your disapproval? When is the right time to speak up? I question that a lot.

One habit has been instilled in me and that is to respond and not react. Although, I am happy how this responding and not reacting helps in keeping conflicts away and allows me to analyse situations better. But then again what is the right way and time of this response?

I have never been the one to have great or sassy come backs and honestly most of the times, I just let it go because its useless to let every other person get under my skin. But there are times when it does hurt. Taking the high road is not easy. And gosh do some people know how to get on to your nerves and drive you crazy!

Crazies do not even stop to think before saying hurtful things or being foolish. There should be law against them haha. Why are some people like that? You know the kind that would spit their gum on the path, the kind that body shames every other stranger, the one who’s exists only to make it difficult for others. On the complete opposite many struggle whether they should speak up or simply be the bigger person and let the fool be.

I have talked about this before, but as I have realised, it is not easy to be resilient and it is confusing too like how much of patience is good enough? Also, when we are so accustomed to forgiving and letting go are we not, in a way, allowing these fellows to act as they please?!

The main question still is, what is the correct retaliation and what is the right time and place for it? Talking about the serious matters… How to not hurt someone who has hurt you or yours deeply in some way? It is both scary and liberating to actually avenge, to put someone to their rightful place, to give a piece of your mind to them. Hmmm, would kindness allow that?

This one thought would stop us, me at least, at the end would it even make a difference? Imbeciles are all around and they won’t change, they never realise it is their fault and that my friends is the reason why we must let it go. As strange as it sounds its for our own sake.

It also important to remember that, being kind is okay, to be forgiving even better, but taking a stand is the most important. No need to go as low as the other person. We can use assertion where it works and not hold back from responding with anger if that is the only solution because no one shall suffer for being too kind.

Kindness comes with no limits. Let go of their acts, the hurt caused to you. As I see it, it is about being kind to oneself. Someone drove you to the end of your wits and you reacted the way you never thought you could. So be kind and let go of that too.