Ain’t no flattery!

Hello my lovely readers been away for a while, had a few things to sort out. The inevitable change seems to be following me like a bee that is after nectar, seems like a good enough metaphor to sum it up. Nonetheless, on with the poetry bug…


Flattery in each endeavour.

When seeking favours.

But no sugar,  no lime.

When it is about friends.

Real words with all mind.

Truth down to every dime.


Right? Now that is true form of a relationship because it is much deeper than just favours.

Along the same line here is a ShoutOut to a  really good cover of a millennial music piece. Ain’t no flattery when it comes to showcasing your friends’ talent. In all honesty, this piece was sung and recorded by my friends in their OWN recording STUDIO. Now that is called making it big. Do check it out guys!

Note: The use of certain words from the lyrics is not suitable for younger audience. It is only for entertainment purposes so have fun.

Also, if you are in the Delhi region and are looking for a fabulous studio quality recording you may want to get in touch by their websites:
Red Circle Productions
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