The fall.

Yes, we all love autumn. Okay maybe not all of us but who does not like the changing weather? I happen to love it. Mostly because the last quarter of the year is all about tying loose ends. Also because it is festival season intertwined with my birthday. Yeah it kind of gets lost in all the fest, but having birthday a day before Diwali makes… either of the two special.

This post is not about the fall, the weather, it is about the lows that each one of us eventually falls into.

Talking of weathers, as the year closes we all feel the need to have some sort of resolution which do not really survive even three weeks of the very first month. But hey! You are not alone we all are like that. When it comes to taking decisions or taking LIFE altering steps, we tend to think big without realising that, big can not be finished or tackled with in a short period of time.

Resolutions like, starting a new diet, plans to quit smoking are a little far fetched in my opinion. It is all in the approach, the anxiety of reaching the finish line makes us dizzy mid-way and meddles with our performance. I am pretty sure that the night of 31st December will not bring in a miracle that would make one quit smoking entirely or eating unhealthy.

Small steps to bigger things. Now that is something we all hear a lot but miss out on adopting in everyday life. Shortcuts do not work, soul sucking relationships do not last, people are not made heartless in one day. I mean, it is “the fall” that changes the whole story.

The great plot twist in each one of our lives either makes or breaks the rest of the personality. The shift in perception is easy to bring about. As kids everyone hopes to get presents on X’mas and when there is no gift on anyone X’mas, we start doubting Santa’s existence. We get heart broken once and we give up on love. We see bad in one person and we start despising the entire community.

These are just examples on how we aim so high on personal level and yet let our perception be changed with the lowest possible cause/reason. One defeat did not make him a failure, one heart break did not make her give up on people, one fall did not stop the kid from riding his bike, it is when things went awry multiple times at some point (as a humans) they gave up.

The falls could make or break, but is success guaranteed after one more try? That is such a hard question to answer. When to stop? Should you just give up on the resolution if you derailed from your path just once, give up on love after one massive heart break?

I believe, the question that needs to be asked are… Are you ready? And whether this is the point where you give up or simply start over?

This last question fascinates me. The very possibility of a re-start, a do-over. Who said life does not give you a second chance? Sure, it might never give you the same supposedly “perfect” conditions ever again in life, but who needs perfect. It is a re-start so just throw a few profanities hither and thither, gather yourself, stand up and go at it again (not again because, it is never a repetition when something is being done for the first time in a whole new way).

After all, it was just ‘a’ fall, just ‘a’ failure, just ‘a’ defeat, for all that matters it only means that you are making progress and not just sitting and waiting for things to change. Which in fact is more dangerous.


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