The air is irksome

I am on a break for a little soul searching. The break is nearing its end but I was happy as it ends with my birthday, Diwali and the rest of the festivals. It was all so smooth and amazing until the very next day of Diwali, the day whole city got covered with a thick blanket of smog.

People get rains on their parade and we as an entire city got poisonous gas. I mean literally if you guys have not heard about it, Delhi is under an air emergency right now. It is not only irksome it is really over the top frustrating and not just a botheration anymore that could be put aside with a label like “pollution” because it has turned into an actual health hazard.

I did not really get out of my house ever since the smog attack but yesterday I planned to meet my friends just because it’s been long time. We took precaution and planned to meet at some one’s place instead of wandering in the open – knowing how dangerous it is, we did avoid it but ultimately had to walk a little (in the transit) and boy did I underestimate the headlines. Reality is equally as bad as the media’s portrayal of the whole issue.

The smog is really bad obviously it has caused a few road accidents and breathing problems to countless people who suffer from breathing ailments, but even for some one with no such health problems the air is deadly. It literally caused me and my friends to cough so much and irritation that it caused in our throats and eyes was unbelievable! It stayed for hours even after I got back home.

I can only feel for those who have to work outside in the open, homeless people living on streets or people who have no options really. If 15 minutes of exposure made me suffer that much I can not and do not want to imagine what these people must be going through. Honestly, they already have problems of their own and clean air to breathe is the last thing any human has but not anymore I guess – this is really beyond sad!

My friend Tonya suffered with congestion and now goes to office with a mask on her face, many Schools are closed and many offices have allowed work from home – what a time to be alive!

I do not know what keeps going wrong and where. A country with an uncontrollable population is bound to struggle on every level but when it comes to things that we as humans need to take care of we are failing miserably. I do not want to be political because we all are in this together. If the government fell back on its 42 point pollution control plan then, many of the citizens did not hold back from burning fire-crackers even after knowing that.

So the need of the hour is to actually plan ahead, coming up with solutions to each problem when it pops up is just not the way. All the work needs to be done along the lines of sustainable development and prevention over cure. The education and wealth disparity in this land is absurd. That is where we should begin.

You won’t believe the scariest incident – the irony – while I was out with my friends we crossed a bunch of kids burning fire-crackers. Thoughts ran through my head; where are their parents? Are they that unaware or simply unaffected by their surroundings that they are acting like this?

And they say we all are in this together but considering this population ignorance and illiteracy will be the death of us. I just want to run away no matter how irresponsible or hilarious that sounds.

Times like these make me question only one thing – What are we headed into? I miss my home town so much at this point – simpler people, simpler ways of life, hills and nature all around. Those were the days.


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