Sometimes we run away from situations and other times we must run away from them for they are just too tart or will soon be beyond tart and we all know what that is like – spoilt, useless, and smelly. The taste of which will linger on even when you think all is done and forgotten in the past, not so much my friend.

As much as one can be understanding and respecting of others if you ever encounter some one just crossing all limits of being self absorbed – abort mission at that instant. After having seen the ways of those around me, I have to come to a conclusion that people are not good or bad but merely those who still try to be human and those who  have forgotten that they are humans.

One solution – run, run farther and faster because one fish can and will spoil the ocean. More importantly your mood and your whole day or even your hard work will hit a low. So it is better to keep away from this tart behaviour. I have saved myself from some major rifts this way.

They say you can run away but not hide from anything. When it comes to circumstance brought in by others you do have the free will to stand up against it or just give up after having dealt with it. After all you are either putting up with or changing a situation remembering that people never change. As the final resort you might as well run!

A lot of us would stick with a person or bear a situation just because we feel like there is no way out. Honestly who are you lying to? When you do not choose to fight you indirectly choose to accept so do not label it with having no choices. When you do not choose is actually “a choice to not choose anything”.

We are free to choose and I chose to shun those who were too tart. I am a behaviour snob yes I am and I like sweet better. Then again who does not?


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