Percolating thoughts.

As a millennial, I am well aware that many people out there do look down upon us. I am not making an assumption here but speaking from my “professional” experience. There are many reasons but a few that are very common at workplace.

Reason number one, “we lack discipline and motivation”, which I won’t deny because it is kinda true. We are so done with the norms and policies, the so called set ways of behaving and being that it makes it difficult to work with people beyond a certain age-group thus making us not only disinterested but sort of lazy too.

This kind of issue can be avoided at work place by treating young people as young adults, who indeed are inexperienced and in need of guidance instead of seeing them as young kids who waste time. The exact opposite, belittling, is more prevalent. Personally I have not experienced this but even I feel that help without a dash of arrogance is easy to accept and seek. It is barely available.

‘I know I am just being unreasonable now, why would seniors take out a few minutes of their precious time to guide and create resource out of an actual human who is willing to work? How I wonder?’

Reason number two, “we look for shortcuts”. Again, that is not entirely wrong because when something can be done in a quick way why always follow the tried and tested method only? Reason number three follows the theme of the second reason. “We bring in new (useless) knowledge and energy”. This one is more of an insecurity.

‘I mean, “Mr. MBA from the most prestigious institution” you might know all about the economy but there is a new theory out there just accept that you do not know it there is no need to make fun of someone trying to simply contribute. New people will replace you eventually so be easy on them.’

Sadly none of this is new. One theory is that, behavioural issues are everywhere, we face them in daily life but there are certain issues that come up in organisations for example in a house-hold obviously emotions are in the forefront and in commercial organisation politics takes a center stage.

Normally humans go through emotional misunderstandings easily and it is very important to resolve any problems in that area. But would you not expect from the most educated, well informed people with blue collar jobs to be meaningful in their behaviour? Sadly no.

Funny enough, people were easier back in college even though each on of us was so different from the other. Even now the difference in opinions is there, but when it comes to power ego plays a dirty role. In college it was difference in ideologies, backgrounds you know human things but in professional settings the problems are more related to authority, rat race, and age difference.

I am amused at the very thought that big corporates need to have training sessions in conflict resolution, behavioural lessons and what not. It is like teaching adults how to be adults.

Human-ness percolates through our skin like sweat as we progress, and corporates that present themselves as the best and most well behaved (ah! the drama and finesse in superfluousness) leaves the new generation bewildered with all the things that the existing people put up with on a behavioural level.

And now when they are facing a new problem of talent retention, every HR is wondering why are they not able to hold on to employees? Duh, it is so because money is the only thing guaranteed in a job and more the merrier. They had it coming.

In conclusion, we grow up to become more complex and egoistic… wait a minute! Aren’t the so called professional courses, diplomas, management degrees supposed to make us better? As I see it, we feed our brains with bookish knowledge to the point that we need classes on how to human. Funny sad that is.

No life skills taught, no life skills adopted, none utilised. We learnt trades, forsook sanity, peace, most importantly human-ness. The warmth is gone and it is all so cold so people percolate in search of better.

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