An ideal world,
With legendary stories,
Those mythical moments,
and talks of glory…
Of a man who sounds unreal.
Fully nurtured, never ignored,
Showered with love,
With attention and support,
His ears listen.
His words inspire.
Actions like wind,
Changing course of a fire.
Feelings so overwhelming.
That one gets consumed.
Wishful thinking in my core.
Can almost see…
Two beside me,
to pat on my back.
One ahead,
With a hand to hold.
Others around me,
Now raising a glass…
Rejoicing my deeds,
wishing “forever may this last”.
No dullness, no darkness.
Beaming light, pure clarity.
Bringing peace and sanity.
Endless and endless.
Through and through.
And a snap. Oh!
The fantasy ends…
A little too soon.

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