WTH! (blabber)

I actually do not know where to begin on this one. So here is my panoply of the most weirdest people I have ever met in my life. I have mentioned a lot about my childhood and that I had to move into new places all the time and if nothing else I got to learn to adjust with new personalities. And today it comes in as a handy skill.

But then you come across some of the most complex creatures who leave you dumbstruck. For some time now, perhaps because as a grown up I meet new people frequently than before, I have come across way too many who make me roll my eyes and seek a clarification because I am never sure whether they actually meant what they said or it was a slip of tongue.

I know that everyone has opinions and behavioural patterns so we have to respect every person even when we do not respect their opinion, but some are just too extreme, a little too salty, a little to self absorbed, a complete bully, and some even downright inhuman.

Lets call this person A. So A was all sweet and good to me but for what? To exploit me. You know like a lamb being prepared for slaughter and sadly these folks are too easy to find and there is no dearth of the kind in a “professional” setting either.

And B was so crazy with their abrupt and violent way of speech. They would actually fight with colleagues just because, you know authority is synonym to bullying. Telling your team mates to develop the skill to fight others in the office –  I was actually given that advice and when I thought it was a joke, it was not. Using others as human shields was their best skill and they still work there. So “professional“!

Third one is a recent story. So I had like the worst interview ever. You will not even believe half of the things that happened. To begin with I do not understand why some HRs do not go through the C V before hand. Is it not what they are paid for; screening candidates. So, I was made to recite the entire resume like a child reciting a poem.

In the next round. This person (interviewer) had no idea who the next candidate was, and when I entered the room the interviewer said, “So what about you Insach?” That is what they kept on repeating, “So what about you Insach?” I was confused so I sought a  clarification as to whether they want my introduction or is it something else they want – the reply to my query was “maybe”.

Again I was confused.

Maybe? What is this a guessing game? I started getting really uncomfortable and had a feeling that, this was going to be an utter waste of time. The lines were crossed when the interviewer said, “all your experience is useless and why are you still studying, it is no use getting a management diploma” Like honestly who even says something like that?

Now, there I was just being quiet and courteous because that is what you do. People like that should get reported but the main question is why and how are they still accepted as a normal part of that (any) organisation.

Not to mention when it was my turn to enquire about the job and workplace. I had three specific questions – what is the current work and what will I be handed over? Why did the earlier employee left? How long has the position been vacant? etc And the replies were as follows; “No one will tell you the current scenario.” “I do not why they left, I am the interviewer so do not take my interview!” sounded pissed “The position has been vacant 2 months” almost went crazy as if I was speaking an alien language.

And I was left with… WHAT THE HELL?

Also, In the words of Stephen Hawking, “dangerous moments” that is what we are headed towards.

10 thoughts on “WTH! (blabber)

  1. Your post is relatable. I had a terrible interview once too. During the interview, the interviewer stated that he was going to hire his relative (who had also applied to the company) and that interviewing other candidates was just a formality.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment I appreciate it so much. It was not just bad, it was horrendous, but like you said there is always next time 🙂 thanks again.

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