(M)akes you wonder, where could it be?
(I)f it is here then why can’t you see?
(S)trange things never miss your eyes.
(S)o you look closer.
(I)nquiring what went wrong?
(N)ot knowing that was the only chance.
(G)one is the love that couldn’t last.

(M)issing it might seem sane,
(I)t was the first, next won’t be the same.
(S)eldom does it come the exact way.
(S)ure you don’t wanna take the risk?
(I)n the name of fear, you might miss.
(N)othing more but love in your life.
(G)ot any other plans to make it right?


2 thoughts on “Missi…

  1. You have a great talent in poetry I like the way you have creatively used the one word prompt into an interesting poem.
    Poetry is the one thing I do not understand but I was able to get this one. Thank you.

    • That is so kind of you thank you for the lovely comment and for stopping by, I appreciate it a lot 🙂 Poetry is something that has always intrigued me because you say so much in so less that it can become relate-able at an individual’s level. Glad you liked it.

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