Just three questions.

“We keep peace as the ultimate goal while building a life, shouldn’t we be keeping peace at the centre and build a life around it?”  Read on…

There I was just looking into the blank space, you know like sometimes when you are not here but actually nowhere. It can only be described as nothingness and it is not necessarily a bad state to be in, provided it is not too frequent. So I started wondering how did I get into that space where I was still – not like I was meditating or doing something out of the ordinary but watching TV (and not watching it at the same time) in all honestly though… I felt free.

But free of what exactly?

Obviously this question, that manifested out of a new feeling, snapped me out of this “freedom”. And after coming out of that state my first thought was – what just happened? My second thought was – why did it happen? And you guessed it right the third thought was – how? The fourth being what did I miss in the movie.

So after watching the movie I pondered over this experience and the thoughts that had gushed in that made me question more and more and more. And that is when I actually realised I was free of this, I was free of this mental chatter, I was free of constant questioning.

When we are so invested in something that we forget the world, which is very common in daily life and a lot of people experience this, that is when we are centered – in one place and in peace (I guess). But then again this is like dependence, you have to do something in order to be away from everything else.

What I realised today is nothing new but personal experience always solidifies theories, and that happened – when I was free – I was not doing anything to be free. You see that is where we go wrong, we want to do “new “things to be free of “other” things – contradictory?!? What about doing nothing?

From my experience simply stop the three questions. The what, the why, and the how, let these go and experience freedom even if it is momentarily IT will be FREEDOM and IT IS PEACE. Let’s try this out.





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