Conundrum… Really?

Everything as I feel,
Was a conundrum in a way.
Believe me or not.
Read this anyway.

The first time you spoke
No one could comprehend.
Was it a conundrum?
A welcomed one indeed.

The time you went A to Z
Nothing was sensible, nothing clear.
That was a conundrum.
But you climbed the ladder.

You fell, it hurt so bad.
A pain so real you had never felt.
A conundrum of your choices,
Healed with a mark as you dealt.

You hear, “I love you”.
Feelings anew and heart so unsure.
A conundrum you won’t forget.
So will it be a yes or no?

That was new, this is too.
That was a conundrum, this is new.
What holds you back is not what you had.
But something in life you did add.

A way to stay away from pain.
A way to put it all aside.
Conundrum is drama!
So you run away to some-place calm.

Ha! the conundrums that could never stop us.
Now have an upper hand.
A conundrum made out of conundrums?!
Perhaps we just forgot how to take the first steps.


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