Maddening – you bet.

A world full of facts.
And a world full of miracles.
You won’t believe in any.
Until something has been terrible.
An illusion of a kind.
A belief of a thousand minds.
Eyes see is what you want to see.
An experience is soon a memory.
All the details you miss on,
Are there for another person.

A sort of a confusion.
A little shaken is our trust,
When there are twists and turns.
In the way this universe works.
One way or another,
You and I shall go on.
We have seen people fighting.
We have wounds of our own.
All that is visible, all that is out there,
Doesn’t make the inner pain any unreal.

For mind creates and heart desires.
What we want is not on these aisles.
Try the next one perhaps.
We only do a trial and error.
All of it is as far as are fear.
Just as it is so near.
Little we know of all that is.
Though we believe we have enough of it.
Imagine all the more that goes unseen.
I am sure you’ll find it maddening.


Isn’t life full of trials and errors? A balance of experience and beliefs? At times based on facts and other times on faith, hope and destiny. Believe in either or neither, but what never changes is the desire to find “it” and the same battles we all fight – openly or quietly! And just one thing, one thing,  goes wrong, goes unseen, goes unheard…. And that is just so maddening.

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