Relax! The thing I keep reminding myself.
Relax! The thing I keep suggesting.
Inhale, I must instead.
Exhale, I must suggest.

Relax, do you mean re-lax?As in go back to being less careful “again”. Normally an English word with ‘re’ as a prefix commonly suggests the repetition of an action – like repeating the verb containing the prefix. When it comes to relaxing is it even possible?

Who has truly experienced calmness to be able to re-visit that state of low or no anxiety. These days stress is as normal as anger and as uncommon as a smile. ‘Relax’ does not explain the process so, the appropriate word would be ‘breathe’ because that is something we all can and need to re-do and that too properly.

Our mind has a thousand thoughts and they are enough to make us happy or sad let alone the external environment – ughh life is such a task honestly. But at the end of the day everyone has to roll with it and those who let go easily are happier than who do/can not.

Letting go is not only for the thoughts or the pent up emotions, it is also for the breath that you took and have not released yet. That is anxiety, the feeling of suffocation causing the panic.

We have all heard the age old saying – breathe! And I think the very core of life gets hit the hardest when it comes to anxiety and stress. The breathing pattern is one of the signs of being alive an also of good health. And in stress, being unaware, we tend to lose our hold on it. Some suffocate others hyper-ventilate.

So when ever you feel uneasy or too anxious do not just relax, inhale and exhale actively instead. It is nothing new but everything that is not new or anything that is categorised as “I already know this…” is mostly ignored. There is a reason they call it focusing on your centre, after all what are we without the air – dead! Control it and stabilise the core like a king or a queen (which ever you prefer hehe).

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