If you really wanna see!?

Ups and downs are common.
Failures and victories too.
Needs whole of lot of hard work,
And a bit fairy dust from the zoo.
This is not a potion,
It is called fortune.
It’s more of a notion.
The times that it works,
We like the word.
And when it doesn’t.
Oh! the shame is worst.
Like all beliefs.
Believer reaps benefits.
While others seem to sulk.
For it is not easy,
To prove it wrong.
You might not wanna give in?
But “chance” is real and strong.
It is not a theory.
It can be seen,
If you really wanna see!?
Luck does favour the brave.
Like the lucky tortoise…
That won the race.
Nothing special it did.
No preparations it made.
Only perseverance and courage.
And a dash of misfortune for Mr. Hare.
And you know the rest of the tale.
So go on now take a new dare!


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