Enthusiasmic Poem

Enthusiasm? After looking at the prompt I have lost mine. What a strange one! Some days daily prompts surprise you and other days they are just meh. Even the dictionary has one fixed meaning for this word – It just can not be played with. But going by my habit I could try sharing my opinion. Here we go.

Enthusiasm is a good thing but rarely found these days because let’s be honest even the meme culture favours the idea of sleeping over dealing with life. According to a scientific finding hitting the snooze button decreases your life by the minute and people’s reaction, sort of unanimous reaction, to this was, “huh! I’ll die doing the thing I love”. I guess that speaks for itself. So much for enthusiasm!

So there you go, call it my millennial mind set where being in your twenties means you are old. Old enough to make your life choices which mostly lead to juggling a social life, a personal life, a celebrity-like life (where each tweet and insta post is so so necessary), a life that requires knowing this world, a so called professional life, oh and somewhere in between all this a thing called sleeping!

The most ignored thus most loved activity of all, which does not qualify as an activity to begin with.

The trend of multitasking at life is so on right now. It is like, if you are not like, in it, like if you are not following the trend like you are not cool enough and I mean really? That many likes in one sentence? So if you are wondering, as I am, where is all the enthusiasm going? Apparently, in to these trends.

Style is a trend – makes sense, but you can make hate a trend too (ooh and click-baits are a thing too) everything trends! Don’t believe me try it on your own – one can make anything the “thing”. You will be surprised at the things that can be sold under the name of trend and the crowd would buy it enthusiastically. But then again this is just a rant and if it was not for these pop-culture millennial trends I wouldn’t know what to write for today’s not so interesting prompt.

Too much enthusiasm meets pain,
For expectations lies in our brain.
No enthusiasm is only bad,
As frowns only make us sad.
Let’s be happy and spread some jolly,
A dash of gusto can kill melancholy.

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