From calm to calmness.

With so much going on around us a moment every now and then to feel the present is all we need, a moment where we can be tranquil for just a while. There are enough talks and books on self-help, but we know experience is the best of all teachers.

As calm as this word is in itself, the feelings attached are of our own understanding. I mean for any non-English speaker this is nothing but an uttered word – all in all a sound -nothing more nothing less. Then why do those who associate a meaning to this word can feel this word? How?

It sounds uncommon, but is it really? Hate, sadness, murder, benevolence, love, happiness are mere words, just a group of letters; plain alphabets! But as much as hate sounds bad and love sounds nice.

You see, the words that we utter do have profound effect on our message; the words we commonly use become a part of our nature. Words that we constantly come across tend to lose their value over time but never do they lose their meaning. Like profanities; when used around friends they are funny, when with strangers they could be dangerous. So in a way we program our brains, our selves, our surroundings with the choice of words..

It is good manners to be polite, but for whom, to whom, with whom? As I find it, most of the things that we do in life are placed externally. We feel as if it is necessary to be good to others that, it is nice to be kind and genuine so that others would be the same to us exactly like the saying; treat others the way you want to be treated.

There is nothing wrong with the statement, only that yet again we have labeled a good habit “good” on the basis of how it makes others feel. Yet again we go on behaving not for our sake but for others’. Do we not already live too much in a small restricted world just to satisfy others and their egos, just to get things done, or simply just to be nice to others?

In my opinion there is one thing wrong in this approach. It leaves a choice in our hands because when we do things for some else’s sake it is more of a choice instead a necessity. We would go on and categorise people as those who “deserve” this favour and those who do not “deserve” goodness.

The way I see it if each one of us would do good and be good for one’s own self, this good nature will shift from being a choice to being a compulsion. After-all no one will do wrong to themselves. If this shift happens we won’t need to be calm with people or calm in situations, but we would transcend to calmness altogether.

From calm to calmness. From the adjective to a mental state. From external to internal. From doing to being!

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