Facts are facts.

Not my kind of prompt I have something else on my mind.

“Facts do not leave place for possibilities?” – It is from a movie.

I like that statement. Facts indeed do not leave any space for further discussion, they are stoned etched in a way, what it is – it is! and that is that! And why is there even a need for possibilities? What kind of possibilities do we really need?

Sun rises form the eat and sets in the west. That is a fact. But is it? In the bigger schemes of things sun does not even move, it is the earth that revolves around the sun and there must have been a time people thought that earth was the centre of the universe.

Had people settled with the theory of sun rising and setting no one would have ever made an effort to know more about it. Just like the earth’s shape it seems flat but it is for a fact spheroid like ellipse. So I guess that clarifies the need of questioning and in the bigger picture, we should always take things as they are – mere statements, mere observations because facts are made only when theories are proven. And what is this proof?

As scientific and mathematical a proof can be like for gravity or sky’s colour being blue, the proofs always reside in our five senses. On an external level seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling proves the absence or presence of something or someone very easily.

And that is why I find it a little amusing that Newton discovered gravity only when an apple hit his head like did he never fall down on his own to question – “why do I always fall down?” Do not tell me that is not funny.

We mostly make discoveries of the things that were always there and research things that are futuristic in their notion. That is such a beautiful difference between discovering and researching. And when it comes to supernatural – all the things that have been imagined, all things that are believed by some and disregarded by others for the lack of scientific explanation – what is the proof? Why is the world so divided on religion and god? And are they even real? What if all of it is just nonsense?

All in all when there is no scientific proof for something, one could use the five senses. And if that fails to make one a believer they could try experiencing it – sort of like the sixth sense; call it feels, gut feeling, intuition, experience. For experience is not refutable and it is personal. See that is the word personal! It is called “personal” experience but that does not mean others can not have it.

Facts are facts but personal experiences are factual too just that they are personal like dreams, there is no proof for them. Only memories and experiences, after all our brain does NOT differentiate if it is real or imaginary because if it is an experience – it happened. It happens and it is real!

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