Starting afresh.

When all is said and done,
And more is done than said.
All seems perfect at that instant.
But no one’s satiated.
We’re always wanting more.
Consequences are sealed,
For what we chose!

Every doing comes with it.
To renew is the tricky bit.
If only we could get,
A chance for renewal,
A chance to do it over.
But would that suffice?
Will then everything be alright!?

Perfection is in acceptance.
Improvement always a scope.
So, given a chance to change,
Would you dare to take it or no?
For what you meddle with,
Will affect you furthermore.

The catch is, you can’t fix the past.
“What kind of renewal is this”, you ask?
Not there, not then.
Not for their’s or for them.
Choose to choose the way of your heart.
Right here, right now for a fresh start.


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