2017 – 1/365

Today the events were as expected, fun and frolic too, but fear and the following total failure of plans made it gloomy. It wasn’t as I wanted and that was quite upsetting until it turned around and became the best first day of the year, better than I could have imagined.

Here I was thinking nothing could be better than my plans. Gosh was I wrong!

Miracle or just patient optimism?
I guess both!


8 thoughts on “2017 – 1/365

    • Well I had this huge plan with 2 of my closest friends on 1st Jan, we hadn’t met in almost 2 months… But one fell sick and naturally we couldn’t have fun knowing a friend has taken ill. We were really looking forward to this also it was new year, the first day, so it was all the more special and was the only plan for the day. So basically the whole excitement on day one went down the drain it was shocking, and plain sad. We could not do much about it so we accepted the fact and kept sulking over the phone haha – typical of us! Then, by noon, out of no-where my brother asked me to join him and we ended up having a lot of fun and not just that the other friend of mine prompted their friend and went on a road trip. The both of us went from sulking to accepting the reality and also accepting what came our way, instead of focusing on what could have happened, we literally enjoyed in our own small way. Sure it wasn’t as grand as the actual plan but fun is fun and happiness isn’t small or big it is just happiness. So yeah, things could be better even when they do not go as planned provided you go with the new ones. Now we’re hoping for the other friend’s quick recovery and a free weekend so we could meet up asap.

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