Years and years and years…

Last night at the stroke of midnight I felt as if nothing changed, but the collective intention of bringing a change in the new year easily rubs off on all of us. So even though nothing has really changed, I still feel like a lot has changed or you could say it is now on the path of improvement. It is, as they say, the 1st page of the next 365 pages, write all of them carefully. In the bigger scheme of things 1 day out of so many that have passed seems like nothing, but then again one chance is all you need and a day with 24 hours is a lot more than what we could bargain for. So carrying forward only what makes you ‘you’ and leaving the rest behind seems like a wise choice.

Years in you with you in years will take it all on to the next level. Get, set, go!
Happy New Year friends. The best is yet to come.


7 thoughts on “Years and years and years…

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