2017 – 2/365

A nice day I must say. It was normally event less till noon then, met friends, took a lovely walk, ate and talked to our heart’s content. Took the eating a little over board though. Traffic and crowd was crazy but the trip paid off, tried new places with fancy interiors, ended it all with a nice drumming session, and a magic show. It is kind of cool to have talented friends like that.

Fate or carefully made choices?

Friends can be chosen. It is the little things that matter be it the quiet understanding or a loud acknowledgment of your feelings, it all matters to those who matter. Just be you!

It is real friendship when you can literally accept, respect, appreciate, and encourage each other’s BS.

Interior and exteriors.

The colour, condition, the exterior of leaf does not only tell its own stories but also gives us a look into the interiors of the tree. Judge a book by its cover no problem, but never miss out the best part that is inside.

These walls tell so many stories and if you care to step in, you will uncover very many secrets that they hold and hide in plain sight kind of like love, you have not experienced anything until you go all in.

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