2017 – 3/365

Gone are the days when I would be prepared for an exam a day before the said exam and now being in between jobs and having left formal education for over two years, neither I am interested nor invested in these so called professional courses that are “supposed” to help me in my career in this dying economy. 

It does seem useless considering that every firm asks for professional experience but right after you are done with the degree/diploma how could you have any experience and with every one asking for prior experience where do you go?

Nonetheless, I must study because knowledge never goes to waste it might just come handy some place else.

Denial or holding to my beliefs?
Sticking to my beliefs because what have I got to lose, time? I could be working instead of studying, but what is the fun in taking the easy route; the same path everyone else is taking? After all, I win or lose, at least I gain experience in bigger subject called life.

What makes your journey different than others are your choices; good or bad just stick to them and find for yourself. Caution only takes away the excitement from any adventure.

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