2017 – 6/365

Had an exam on economics today it was ok. I would go ahead and say for just two days worth of preparation the exam went alright but the knowledge gained is beyond compare. These days I feel like a student again which reminds me academics is easier than life and now I fail to understand why were we in a hurry to grow up?

Does is it even matter?
Well, we either win or gain experience so yeah it all matters. Perhaps it does not seem like it in the short run but wait for the long run. Ha now I know additional meanings for short and long run thanks to economics.

It is of no use to look here or there, to think of this or that. Just listen to your heart or just feel it – feels are never wrong no matter who says what. – Insach

May I float?

I am one of those people who does not easily get sick but when I do it is a mess and I become this sulking, brooding, childish person it can be difficult to handle. Normally I’m so cool though but beware and keep away when I am sick.

But then again I am also the kind who is aware of his situations and behaviours which in turn take me on a guilt trip as if the aching head, running nose, and being unable to breathe is not enough.

Why is it that when one thing goes awry it just so happens that everything following it is crazy too!? Sort of like the law of like attracts like. Mostly when I am unwell and I happen to get a seat in the subway-metro soon enough some one would stand in front of me and all I can do is offer them the seat because either they are old or needy, and I am only sick while everyone nearby lacks good manners, I must to do it.

If only the same law could work in case of happiness where happiness would attract more happiness that would be so rad! There are two states in this case one being happy the other making your own happiness (not running after it) believe me being happy is equal to being asleep because nothing or no one must bother you – How powerful? Yeah unless its your own body that won’t cooperate let alone focusing on happiness.

The other state is making your own happiness, this is a little selfish but then I do not really think that selflessness has to be to the extent of stupidity after all you are of no use to others if you do not take care of yourself. You come first.

Sometimes you literally just need to let go, forgive, forget, and as Cinderella taught us “have courage and be kind”. Honestly she is so spot on with the having courage to be kind to others because kindness and selflessness take lot more courage than being selfish. And in situations where you really put others before yourself that is, going beyond the limits of normal-good in its true essence.

Conditionally good that is what most of us are, like when one is not necessarily being wrong but they do not want to get into business of others or when they do think of bigger problems like world hunger and poverty but do not put much attention in using resources properly. Every human ever! This is not like greed it is just survival but does survival mean to find means to survive or destroy the means of others so that only you survive at the end? We kind of got it messed up somewhere.

What else could explain the destruction of the very nature and environment that we are supposed to co-exist with and not destroy while trying to make our lives more comfortable. How funny we are slowly killing ourselves to get more comfort in life which we believe will get peace and happiness. Really policy makers, really?

So we put our efforts into making of our own happiness by living in our own bubble of happiness and not really focusing much on the world’s problems or other’s for that matter. After all, they are not ours they are their’s so we just ignore and live a lie of a happy life. You come first but then comes humanity.

Seems like floating in between the two; being happy and making your happiness might help. Like my tiny effort of making my own happiness by writing this piece with hopes of reaching out to someone and making a difference. No I am not selfless I am selfish.