(S)pecial could be every moment.
(P)eople that matter, keep them close.
(E)tch those moments in your being.
(C)reate a reality that you want to see.

(I)nfinitely we must strive to achieve,
(F)eelings that make us human,
(I)ntensifying all our desires.
(C)atching them with open eyes.

Just keep the approach specific!

2017 – 7/365

Following yesterday’s exam today was an uneventful day (yet I feel tired). Tomorrow is a day full of meaningful events.

Mental break and being thoughtless!
It is easy to take a physical break. A mental break is possible too only that it requires one to sleep. Being thoughtless is much better than sleeping as it allows the attention to be on the present whilst having a mental break.

Think about it when we are idle, with nothing to do, we are lost either in future, or past, or in imagination basically lost in our thoughts and they soon manifest as emotions which leaves us feeling exhausted and we wonder why vacations do not work anymore.

Thoughts are not as productive as thinking. Let’s shift from having thoughts to thinking and then feeling – Insach