Infinite like the sky.

I had planned on going to this amazing roof top restaurant with my friends and instead of going there directly we wandered into a near by monument for two reasons, one to pass time and make it lunch appropriate and two just because we all felt like doing something more than just going out to eat.

The monument visit was a great idea, it was nice as they usually are, tall and strong and a little damaged with time but still standing. We admired the work and the history behind building it, and found a quite place to chit chat there before heading towards the restaurant.

Here is the funny part, this fancy place famous for its 25th floor roof top resto-bar with its scenic skyline, night-life, and good food does not open until 7 pm and there we were trying to make it to lunch. Driven crazy with hunger we had no choice but to find another place. So we did.

This new place was in no comparison to the earlier one but going with the flow of things we did what made sense, moved onto the next best thing  in this case not necessarily the best but keeping with the day’s theme it was a new place.

At the end though we ended up having fun and that is that, with friends all you really want is the time to either pause or be infinite. Yes, infinite like the sky-line we plan on seeing next month when we go to this restaurant again, but this time with all information so that we won’t have to return with just a halfhearted thank you like we had to say to the guard today.

The best part is how we did not really get disappointed that the plan was totally spoilt, for the second time in a row, rather we moved on so quickly by accepting the situation and made a new plan and agreed on revisiting that place soon. This only goes to show that we just needed each other’s company. Fancy place or not did not seem to matter much. We have definitely grown a lot and I am really proud of all of us.


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