Unevenly equal

Unequal as in unevenly distributed. So many things in life are unequal nature has made everything uneven but the uneven did not really give rise to the unequal the unevenness was seen as a dissimilarity which led to categorisation and we as intelligent humans attached adjectives unequally.

Well, all in all it is only by the laws of nature that nothing is smooth and everything is perfect while being so different, admittedly quite strange at times. The very reason idiots trod this earth is because we all need a little laugh every now and then. Every problem emerges only to test our strength. Every thing, so to speak, is there for a reason and happens for a reason.

The understanding of it all being the way it is in its perfect place brings about a change in us, thus allowing us to enjoy the way things are instead of putting too many efforts in changing them. It is only human nature to look for perfection the fault lies with no one but a battle against nature is pretty insane of an idea.

Along the lines of uneven and unequal is a small thing called luck. As much as it all depends on the perception of the individual lucky is what favours our case and unfortunate is what does not. That is quite a childish notion is it not? If you get all the good things in life, you are lucky, and if you do not get them well consider yourself cursed with bad luck. Really?

If I started looking at life that way I will be doomed. I believe in having a positive but realistic outlook because positivity is not equivalent to magic nonetheless, it does work like magic. The trees that stand strong and tall amidst a heavy storm are not just lucky, they are still there because they did not lose their grip on their ground how many of us can do that?

The moment something does not seem to work for us or in our benefit we readily give up on simplicity, goodness, mannerism etc. for minutes of name and fame and sometimes for a little more than just a favour. We should not blame it on luck if we won’t stick to being genuine.

Nothing can explain the inequality, the unevenness in the world there are people with very big problems and people who have not seen anything of that magnitude but that does not mean they have never had an ordeal in fact they do, we all do. A visible tribulation is not bad luck it is either a repercussion of our past actions or the quality of our thoughts or an external force, which means it is what it is no need to make it worse by calling it bad luck. A visible victory is some ones hard-work let’s not undermine that by calling it mere luck. Call it magic instead and we know how that works.

Luck is not uneven or unequal!

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