2017 – 11/365

Bleh! The exam today…Gosh I like statistics but why are the exam questions so complex and there is never enough time to solve the problems. Also, who in the world remembers all the equations and formulae unless they use them everyday. I am sure there are just handful of people, specialists, who use stats everyday.

I do not get the whole objective of exams I mean, you study six huge chapters and at the end you might get questions from the topic you left out. That is unfair what about equality? Whoever made the question paper is being mean to other chapters. Won’t the left out chapters feel neglected? Poor chaps! Hehe

I am able to joke about this situation because I know Einstein was not an A student either and I understand why. Teaching is an art and not all teachers have the art. Similarly there is a huge difference in testing someone’s memory, logic, or application of the knowledge. For reasons unbeknownst to me there is a lot of focus on testing our memory in almost every test. Which is boring!


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