We are capable of distinguishing between things that make us happy or sad but today I realised that, when it comes to being sad I need to bring one sad thought and the other ones just follow and in a minute I can be in that mood where all I am doing is just rolling my eyes like meh. This highlights the fact that when I am happy or actually in a state of being myself, my own, and in bliss I do not really have reasons for it.

Is that not amazing, to know that sadness comes from a million things and happiness from literally nothing; just be in the moment. Be rest assured soon enough you will try to find a reason behind your happiness and poof it will vanish, honestly do not do that.

It is like being at a party not thinking about anything and suddenly you are reminded of your struggles making it impossible to get your spirits up again while all we must do is be in ignorance. You know what? Problems exist but we do not have to carry them all the time in our heads because, worrying is never gonna help and I know it is painful when it hurts (tell me about that) but that is when we must focus on the reasons that make us happy.

Other times let the nature takes its course sing, dance, smile, make others smile be so high on life that problems get scared of you.

Let’s be unreasonably happy not reasonably sad. – Insach


4 thoughts on “Reasons

    • Yes, and they project as our state of being. We do associate reasons for them and sadness does not have to be our state of being.

      Thanks for sharing your thought much appreciated.

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