Exquisite views/2017 – 15/365

Weather has been strange this past couple of months. It was not as cold during December even the beginning of January made every one believe that it is just going to be a dry winter this year.

Personally, I was getting disappointed, but finally it snowed and quite a lot compared to last four years. The Himalayas from upper mountain ranges to the lower foot-hills are all covered in snow in keeping with the name Himalaya. And the chill can be felt across the country. It is cool literally.

On the funny side of things, people in the city are complaining about it getting colder than usual while some of them do not mind visiting a hill station to have that fresh snow-fall experience. Anyway too cold it is a problem. Too hot it is a problem. The insatiable nature of us humans hehe.

I am more of winter person so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… Late winters, now that is something exquisite.

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