Rhythmic Dancers

Sunrise, flower blooms,
The sparkling dew drops
Shining through and through.
Green grass, fallen leaves.
Change of colours and fragrance afresh
Under blue skies one won’t believe.

Rustling trees, a little craw, a chirp
A loud grunt and a scary roar.
The forests are awake with a snore.
A flock of birds flying away.
The dance, the sync so rhythmic.
About this, one can’t be blasé.

To us it is just a view.
A reality for everyone to see.
Much more to those who seek.
But like ballet and its elegance.
As a dancer on this stage,
We must maintain the correct pace.


We should not forget that we are a part of it and not ‘the only’ or ‘most important’ ones but mere actors dancers on this huge stage where everything has its own role to play. One’s actions, others’ reactions and so on and so forth.

Be in sync!

Hiding away.

Far far away, farther than here.
I have a hideout there.
I could be gone for days.
But can not hide from you.
You will find me anywhere.

Little little closer, right in your sight.
The way you set this body alight.
I could be burning in many flames.
But not with you.
You know how to put the pain away.

Stronger stronger, this love gets.
For it knows no rest.
If only you would share the feeling.
But how can you?
You find it overwhelming.

Strange strange love, or a fantasy?
A game of hide and seek we play.
I will wait for you to say,
But perhaps not today,
That for love you will stay.


Shiny on the surface

The grass is not only greener from a distance but everything is in glitter. What we have we can not appreciate what we do not have, our desire for it keeps us from enjoying the present and whatever shines must become one of our possessions.

It is our nature to look out for ourselves and we try to obtain the best of what is available but even when we are all moving forward and polishing more than just the outer surface as humans it is only natural to miss a spot or two on the inside.

Missing spots only makes us humans, makes us normal, I mean who is perfect anyway. I might be shiny on the surface but I have my darker side too and as duality exists in reality there is no good without bad. It is mostly by choice that one is good because it really does not matter these days, it is not really useful as compared to being cunning.

But even with all the talk over this, the goodness and the good, strange things still happen. Mr. Trump did win after all, right? I do not have an opinion on how good he will be as a politician because I am not even in the US, but there have been enough occasions where his behaviour, to put it politely, was questionable.

So as my point is, even when we are heading into this state of common consciousness where we all know a lot, all share a lot, and everyone is talking a lot about the bigger and the better, most of it is out on the surface. Not that it is bad, at least there is a talk, but unless it comes from deep within we can not expect a triumph of good over evil any soon.

What is a shiny car with an old engine, it might look good but it is only a show piece and that is not what is car is for.



Blurred memories or visions or dreams do not necessarily mean they are just a figment of our imagination, for what is created by our mind comes either from our sub-conscious or the conscious itself.

Whichever it may be, we need to pick it up from an external source or an existing one. Also, our consciousness does not create out-of-nothing, it merely brings things or ideas up or distorts them enough to make it super-confusing or as I would like call it “alien like”.  If you know what I mean.

As I see it life is filled with series of developments instead of random creations and as energy is never created nor destroyed but simply passed down, same happens with our thoughts they flow thus creating a foundation for future thoughts and over all a behavioural pattern which eventually affects our actions that gradually makes up what we call destiny. I find this mind blowing.

So while you ponder up on that, enjoy this blurry picture of a sunrise. It is just a blur but it is real! Moving vehicles can not stop me from taking pictures.


Blurry Sunrise – It is not as good but it is a sunrise after all and they are always beautiful.






When you are just in a funny mood and not really inspired but you still want to write something like this happens:

(J)oin a few more dots.
(U)nder line all the extra facts.
(I)nside out should be the detail.
(C)ovet the most important tracks.
For (y)our rumour to be kneaded well.

Add (j)ust a little bit of spices.
(U)se salt as per your liking.
(I)n bits you may add the garnish.
(C)over it up while cooking.
(Y)ummy rumour-bun is a relish.

(J)ust a little sense hidden…
(u)nderneath all the confusion.
(I)n a cohesion (c)reate an illusion
(Y)ank open a rumour when you need it.
Do butter up for extra juicy bits.


The unexpected

Each time I felt a blow.
Every time I couldn’t believe.
Each time my heart broke.
Was all for having expectations.

The things I never imagined.
The times I didn’t forsee.
I was ready for good, but unprepared…
For the worse I never expected.

Twists and turns with crests and troughs,
More than awry are my plans.
Farther than the aim It is pretty rough.
In the unknown, this was unexpected.

Accepting my fate is not happening.
Choices are my only option, and
Changing my course sounds frightening.
But I won’t give up if that is being expected.

If you tread a path of your own.
You’d be often advised to leave it.
Don’t give up, dream on.
And get over the unexpected.

Seriousness… where?


Ah! friendships. It is not only amazing to have friends, I mean people of you own age who know what the world is and can totally relate to you on every level concerning today’s times and scenarios, but it is kind of unreal. I mean in a world full of strangers family is something we were given but friends we get to choose and that in itself gives us the ability to pick the ones we like, the ones we click with, and the ones that take you away from everything else into a world where only you matter.

It is like love but without all the “compulsions” or “formalities” I mean you are in sort of an open relationship where you can be with one person and still enjoy the company (platonic company) of other people of your choice.

The most beautiful aspect of this relationship is the very absence of seriousness. I mean every group of friends that I have ever come to know has their own language, codes and various other ways of communication and also a mutual encouragement and appreciation for each other’s thoughts and opinions which at times could be utter bull-crap. 

I met my school friends today. It has been 7 years (there is a song with this name) since the time we would be in one room sitting and chatting, studying and spending most of the day with each other.

And today we spent the entire noon and evening at a local bar and it was a journey from past to the present to the future and regardless how many struggles we have in our personal lives, nothing mattered and time slowed down and the best part was there was no seriousness at all, only fun on a crazy level.

I am so grateful that I have made amazing new friends but even after being in separate countries with full time jobs whenever I meet my old-friends, like once a year or so, we do not have to give each other a recap at all because we just know each other’s lives and that is like amazing friendship, right? You meet and talk like you were together last evening too. Yes the technology plays a part but its all up to how strong a relationship is.

And that feels like being in the element. Playful, grateful and happy just being in the moment as it should be every moment each day.



Be aware or not the sun shines above us at all times. 

Randomly took this picture while I was waiting for my friends. I was just aware of the sun shining through, after all it is too conspicuous even if you are trying to hide, it will find you out. We had fun today, they same old meeting, walking and eating with some serious talks later on about true friendship. Either we have grown older and perhaps wiser or we were just aware of the fact that, what ever was being said was one’s own opinion or grievance thereof and we must accept people and the differences as they are.

Now going on with the same theme… I believe awareness comes in two forms, as is with many things in life, external and internal. It is easy and one must know their surroundings, not necessarily everything about it but every detail about the little bit of what they know, but what we do instead is fill ourselves with the next information that comes our way so while we are looking at the forest we forget to see it for the trees.

It is easy to be aware of what crosses your filter with physical information because we are good at categorising it. The problem comes when we try to be aware internally. It is good and easy to make healthy life choices, but how many of us make healthy emotional choices too? Not many in my opinion. I have realised that only a person who is aware internally can make those choices.

This is because any one who is aware of himself does not act out of feelings rather he would take a back seat and watch his thoughts like an audience to his own turbulent emotions thus seeing more than one option for his course of action. There is a difference between flowing in your emotions and watching your emotions.

This by no way means that one is not allowed to feel their deepest of emotions. One must let them flow but by being aware you row your boat in the currents of your feelings instead of your feelings deciding your course. Honestly, that sounds like true power to me.

The only way to achieve this awareness is to do the exact opposite of what we do when we  are making choices (externally) and that is to not make a choice at all. Just take a back seat. I have seen that not holding onto feelings is better in the long run, you are truly burden-less and what else would you need?

Being internally aware requires a pause not a filter, it requires prirotising not categorising, it requires attentive processing not ignoring the emotions (being aware) thus allowing a response and not a reaction.




This is one of my most favourite doha and I still remember it. A doha is lyrical verse format that can be found in many old Hindi poems. This doha, by Kabir Das, in particular among many others fits in today’s prompt; Criticize.

निंदक नियरे राखिये, आँगन कुटी छवाय |
बिन पानी बिन साबुन, निर्मल करे सुभाव ||


Nindak nearey rākhiye, āngan kuti chawāye.
Bin pani bin sābun, nirmal kare subhāv.

Literal translation:

(Keep a) critic very close to yourself, in your courtyard (perhaps).
Without water without soap, (they’d) purify your behaviour.

So when it comes to criticism I like to follow this very doha that speaks of keeping your critics so close  almost in your own house so that their words will constantly fall on your ears and that will go a long way in keeping you grounded. Critics give it to you as it is which will surely keep our ego from inflating, in my opinion that is a win-win.