I see it now. Do you?

2017 – 35/365

I do not care how many times people say do not judge a book by it’s covers but when it comes to reading people I’d be doing it during the very first meeting. I do have this sort of a habit of recognising telltales in the behaviour of the people around me. Uncanny but mostly I am on point. It is scary!

It is almost a bad habit because I see one red flag and I refuse to even open the book, let alone turning its pages. What is the point right? Some people act so fake and you know it is gonna go down hill and when your gut is telling you to run away, being a sensitive person, all you can actually do is run away. Seems like a good idea to me.

Yes, you might miss a lot of goodness hidden behind that red-flag but also you save yourself from the pain. It does seem a little pessimistic but then again everyone is so self-indulged and self-obsessed that the fear of being hurt by others has become prominent, keeps one from even getting any further than the introductions.

Who even trusts friends anymore? Talk about strangers!

Take any story and you would see that once burnt would never go near the fire the possibility of playing with it is next to none. Why can people not just tell things as they are? Some hide, others lie and for what? To fulfill ulterior motives? Sad.

But do not lose all the fun being too cautious though. When you learn cycling for the first time, you stand after every fall and that is all we can do – give it another chance. Understand that some one is being an ass, someone broke your heart because THEY have some real problems not YOU.

You are not the victim, they are so, at least release yourself of the pain because I see it now, I know it and I can say that you could invest yourself a hundred percent and get nothing out of it, rendering you with an ability to read those patterns and recognise the possible cause of a future hurt.

Only suggestion is that be sure that it is your choice and not your fear that led to your decision. And that you are acting on what your seeing and not what you thinking. It is better to learn to recognise instead of assuming.


2 thoughts on “I see it now. Do you?

  1. Conscience led from an experience and the brave heart always fight back. It’s about having a heart big enough to fit good and not so good experience and gulp in some experiences to face the new ones.

    Cheers to your attitude and your sharing

    Keep rocking and take care.

    • I appreciate your stopping by. Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you one has to be very brave to keep trying again and again without having a second thought. Cheers!

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