One thing and one thing only
Crafty might go a long way.
But he’d end up lonely.
If he somehow found a friend,
They’d cheat each other.
This is how the story would end.
With one pushing the other.
The other pulled from the hand.
They won’t expect it. They won’t see.
But fate would have it already sealed.
One would trip while tripping the other.
Even a brother would fight a brother.
Oh, wait we are already there.
Where profanity is in the air.
Courtesy has been thrown away.
Smiles are always upside down.
We must fix ‘our’ eyes and ears.
Take this method make it a drill.
Don’t be crafty with any being.
For that will be the undoing.
See those frowns as inverted smiles.
Keep faking the goodness for a while.
Soon you’d be seen as tricky.
And you’d be dubbed a crazy.
Perhaps someday that will be your craft.

One thought on “Craft-y

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