Rhythmic Dancers

Sunrise, flower blooms,
The sparkling dew drops
Shining through and through.
Green grass, fallen leaves.
Change of colours and fragrance afresh
Under blue skies one won’t believe.

Rustling trees, a little craw, a chirp
A loud grunt and a scary roar.
The forests are awake with a snore.
A flock of birds flying away.
The dance, the sync so rhythmic.
About this, one can’t be blasé.

To us it is just a view.
A reality for everyone to see.
Much more to those who seek.
But like ballet and its elegance.
As a dancer on this stage,
We must maintain the correct pace.


We should not forget that we are a part of it and not ‘the only’ or ‘most important’ ones but mere actors dancers on this huge stage where everything has its own role to play. One’s actions, others’ reactions and so on and so forth.

Be in sync!


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