I ran, I fell, I stood up.
But the wounds remained.
I looked outside, I looked inside.
But only my energy drained.
I breathed, I exhaled.
I was breathless at the end.
I tried it this way, I tried that.
Which works, don’t know yet.
I saw, I did, I followed.
But was that what I wanted?

My needs and my wants,
For me and for all,
For good or for worse,
Doubt just emerges,
Each time that I fall.

More often than not.
You have to question.
If it was, It is and it will be.
But what if it is not?
And sometimes you wonder.
If love is strong, it is.
But what if it has no power at all.
Sometimes you can’t believe.
It is difficult To have courage
And be kind with disbelief.


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