Gray or Grey?

Shiny and clear, mostly blue.
A curtain of yellow.
And an orange-y hue.
Gets be brown and mellow.
With a little dust.
Have you seen?
It turn to red.
A shade of pink.
The painters in the air.
Covering it in a silver sheen.
A storm of black.
Clear white or simply gray.
When it sprays.
The sky is happy every way.
One colour less. One colour more.
Might just not be same anymore.


I see more than just gray! 🙂

Every time like literally every time gray or grey, is the question. I used to think the “grey” matter in the brain is spelled “grey” and that gray is the colour gray. Just like color or colour? Gosh having learnt things one way, while the entire world wide web has a lack of ‘u’ and even replacing ‘e’ by ‘a’, is confusing just as writing this.


4 thoughts on “Gray or Grey?

  1. It’s a matter of origin for the spelling, same as the ‘u’ issue. Easiest way to remember this one, grey vs gray, is the one with the e is the English (aka British) spelling, the one with the a is the American spelling. I’m from Canada so we favour (note the u lol) the British spellings. But since I was born into an otherwise American family, I still mix them up here and there.

    • Haha yeah I grew up with British English as well so I find the internet a little strange with the difference in spellings. Thanks for your comment Marianne 🙂

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