This is one of my most favourite pictures that I have ever clicked. I am in love with the colours, the sun hiding in the background. Gosh, it is almost a love affair! haha

On that note with all that is going on, detonate is the prompt you choose wordpress? Let me spread some positivity by sharing this picture. Remember guys as much water will help this beauty spread, fire will only burn it down to ashes. No more burning words or actions. Do not detonate it, beautify it!

8 thoughts on “Beautify!

  1. I actually agree with the chosen word “detonate”. When we play with words in the art of writing, any word can be turned into any way we want it. Even the word beauty can be meant ugly, depending on how we use it in a sentence. The word detonate itself doesn’t have to mean negative. I happened to use it by referring it to the bombing too, but my message is definitely meant to be positive. I think WP was brave to pick a word with a purpose to grab people’s attention and possibly bring attention to exactly what happened recently around the world.
    Let’s celebrate words, all words, no discrimination. Detonate me with LOVE, I’ll take it. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for sharing your views. Appreciated! I agree there should not be any discrimination of any sorts not even with words, but believing in the power of words, a careful choice of words seems necessary. Especially in times like this where the intent and use of words might not be taken in a positive light. I won’t call it shying away from these words but the more we use them the more we are desensitised to the actual meaning and incidents related to them. After all sounds have profound effect on everything being careful is only mandatory.

      • I see what you’re saying. I agree with the word desensitised you used. You got a point there. For now, let’s keep on writing. Look forward to probably sharing some thoughts again with you through blogging. Have a good day.

    • Yeah, nature is self sufficient 🙂 there is always a lesson hidden there, thanks for uncovering it and sharing your views. Much appreciated!

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