Fogged up.

Fog does look good on windows though.


Dusty but it is something  😛

I love winters and also the fog but when it is monsoon and you get out of a cool air-conditioned vehicle or room into the open – the hot, humid, wet climate, the first thing that happens is that your glasses get fogged up apart from the obvious wetness everywhere, it is quite annoying and at times embarrassing.

What do you do? Do you take off your glasses and wait for it to get acclimatized? Haha actually that is exactly what I do. It is a nuisance with no actual solution.

Another thing in the monsoon is unpredictable rain. It rains when it pleases, getting drenched head to toe and mostly toes because the roads and pedestrian are flooded and waterlogged even when it stops pouring but that is not the problem.  You get used to it. The real problem is not being able to see through glasses. Honestly, the dripping water droplets look good only on windows not on spectacles.

8 thoughts on “Fogged up.

  1. I enjoyed the simplicity of this, it made me laugh about how my glasses fog up with every sip of tea I take!

    I am new to the Daily Prompt and was hoping you could help me. I posted something entitled “Doctor Google” with the pingback, but cannot see it on the feed. I also posted something yesterday for the Toothbrush Prompt entitled “Kurt Cobain” which I also can’t see, am I doing something wrong? 😦

    • Oh yes, tea as well but I am not much into hot drinks so the weather is my only problem hehe. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Are these the only two posts you have made for daily-prompt? I am sure you know how to make a pingback using a link so try this… Some times no blogs show up on daily prompt’s page. Try to post yours when there are a few responses. The grid is down at times.

  2. I make things so complicated when I write but this….is so simple and gorgeously written. It made me smile as I wear glasses as well and constantly have to deal with this. From one glasses wearer to another – cheers! #foggy

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by and your lovely comment makes me smile as well. I like to keep it simple, kind of defines my approach at things. We glass wearers know the ordeal haha 🙂

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