Grainy art piece.

I do not have anything original for the prompt so I am featuring an actual grainy or, to be technical, powdery but super creative piece of decoration! These are generally made on the floor on festive occasions so here is something cultural for a change considering how festive these past few weeks were. It is called Rangoli and this is not related to Holi. That rhymed. Holi is the festival of colours, where you get covered in colour not make art. But this is an expression of the fun and frolic.

Credit goes to “Unknown”. If I am not wrong it resembles a parrot.

Another rangoli but this one is made with flowers and candles instead of synthetic colours.


Rangoli could be flowery too. All credit to my friend Tonya for sharing this piece. Although this kind of design with “lights” is more common in Diwali.

5 thoughts on “Grainy art piece.

    • Ah! now I am sure it is a parrot. Thanks a lot for stopping by. You are always welcome to enjoy the colourful tradition this land has to offer, makes me want to share more things like this. Cheers 🙂

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